Setting Up Your Computer

  1. Ensure you are running the latest version of Windows (Build >= 2004)

    Step 01

    If you are running macOS, ensure you are running at least macOS 10.13 (Mojave) and skip to step 5

  2. Open/Run the Update Tool and follow the steps to install the update

    Step 02
  3. Install the May 2020 Windows 10 Update (this will take a lot of time)

  4. Restart your computer as prompted

  5. Visit to download “Docker Desktop”

    Step 05
  6. Install Docker Desktop.

    • Ensure “Enable WSL 2 Windows Features” is checked if running on Windows 10
  7. Close/Restart your computer. If you are running macOS, skip to step 11

  8. Upon login, you should be prompted to install a WSL 2 kernel update.

  9. Download and install the Linux kernel update package

  10. Click the “Restart” button from Docker Desktop

  11. Download (and Install) Visual Studio Code from

NOTE: If running Windows 10, we recommend the “System Installer” instead of the User Installer (which is the default)

If you want to set up a Local development environment for your classes, please visit Devcontainer Setup

If you want to remotely connect to the Linux Lab for your class(es), please visit Remote SSH Setup