CSCI 330: Programming Languages
Spring 2020

Meeting times

Section 1:

  • T 10am-11:50am Roddy Hall Rm 256

  • TH 10am-11:50am Roddy Hall Rm 256 or Mac Lab


Introduction to the fundamental principles of programming language design, semantics, and implementation. Structure and vocabulary of modern programming languages. Programming language topics include formal semantics of programming, name binding, scope, data types, type systems, control flow, object orientation, scripting languages, functional languages, polymorphism, and concurrency. Labs and assignments will include experience in writing programs in a nonprocedural programming paradigm. Pre or co-requisite of CSCI 362.


Concepts of Programming Languages, Robert W. Sebesta (11th ed.), Pearson, 2015, ISBN 978-0133943023

  • Exam 1: 22%

  • Exam 2: 22%

  • Final Exam: 22%

  • Assignments (including a paper and oral presentation): 34%

Not attending labs may result in overall grade reduction (see attendance)

Grading will be on a 100 point scale, with 93%=A, 90%= A-, 87%=B+, 83%= B, etc. You must pass all exams (collectively) with a minimum of 70% average to receive a C- in the course.

Additional Information

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