CSCI 362 Resources

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Autolab CLI Guide can be found here

Week of Monday Wed/Thur Friday Assigned
Aug 24 Intro Intro to C++ Lab Time Intro to C++
Aug 31 Intro to C++, Pointer Pointers, References, const Lab Time Triangle
Sep 7 Container, Iterator, Algorithm Vector Lab Time Statistician Redux
Sep 14 Implementing Vector Implementing Vector Lab Time Array
Sep 21 Algorithm Analysis Algorithms, Big O, Lab Time Lab Time Array
Sep 28 Review Exam 1  
Oct 05 Using List Lab Time Implementing List Josephus
Oct 12 Implementing List Implementing List, Lab Time Lab Time List
Oct 19 Queue and Stack, Associative Array Using Set, Lab time Lab time Sieve
Oct 26 Binary Search Tree Implementing Set Lab Time SearchTree
Nov 02 Review Exam 2   SearchTree
Nov 09 Balanced Binary Search Tree 2-3-4 Tree, Lab Time Lab Time 2-3-4 Tree
Nov 16 Divide and Conquer Sorting Algorithms Lab Time Recursion Lab
Nov 23 Thanksgiving Break
Nov 30 Hash Table Hash Table, Lab Time Final Review Hash Table
Dec 9, 10 362 50: FINAL --Dec 10 2:45PM to 4:45PM 362 50A: FINAL --Dec 9 8:00AM to 10:00AM