Your browser doesn't handle JavaScript. This page uses JavaScript to calculate fabric sizes. Therefore, it won't work correctly for you. There isn't an alternative page.

However, if you know the design height and width in stitches (h and w) as well as the fabric count (c), you can compute it yourself as:
  height in inches = h / c
  width in inches = w / c

This page also calculates how much fabric to buy. The easy way to find that is to round the two values you computed above up to the next inch and then add six. This will give you a little more than three inches of extra fabric on each side.

I'm sorry this page isn't more helpful for you, but part of its purpose is to show how to use JavaScript on a self-contained page.

The Self-contained Fabric Computer
Beth Katz,, copyright 2001 Beth Katz

If you know the height and width of your project in stitches as well as the fabric count, this page will compute the size of the design area. If you know the cost of the fabric per square inch, this will also calculate the total price of the piece of fabric. Instructions for use are at the bottom of the page.

Design height in stitches:
Design width in stitches:
Fabric count:
 (32 over two is 16):
Design height in inches: Rounded up to:
Design width in inches: Rounded up to:
Inches to add all around:
 1"    2"    3"    4"    5"
Fabric cost per inch (optional)
Fabric height to buy in inches:
Fabric width to buy in inches:
Fabric size in square inches:
Price for that much fabric:

Last modified October 20, 2001. This page may be copied for use off-line. Copyright 2001 Beth Katz

If you print this page, print only page 1 to page 1. Turn off the headers and footers.
If you have a copy of this page on your computer, you do not need to be connected to the Internet to use it. Just open the file in your web browser. Read the HTML source for details including customizing for your shop but not your shop's web page.

Instructions for Using the Fabric Computer

Fill in the fields for design size in stitches and fabric count. Clicking the 'Calculate Design Size' button fills in the design size in inches as well as rounded up to the next inch. You may adjust those numbers, select how many inches to add all around the design, and optionally fill in the cost of the fabric per inch. Clicking the 'Calculate Fabric Size' button fills in the size of the fabric and its total cost. The text field at right is optional and not involved in any calculations.

Changing the design size in stitches does not automatically change the design size or fabric size. You must press the buttons to update those values. This is a feature, not a bug.

If you accidentally press return or enter, use the back arrow in your browser to return to the page you were filling. Open additonal browser windows and have multiple copies of the page open for comparisons.

When printing, print only the first page. You don't need printed instructions.

Instructions for Saving the Fabric Computer for Off-line Use

To use this off-line, you must save the HTML file, not a bookmark, on your home computer. It isn't big. It's less than 20,000 characters. You must have JavaScript available, but you didn't find this useful online if you didn't have that.

Web browsers vary in their commands, but look for something like Save As. Be sure to
- move to an appropriate directory (your own documents rather than the browser application's directory)
- save it with a name like FabricComputer.html rather than the page's title
- choose HTML Source or Source as the file format

Check whether you have a good copy by opening your local copy as a file in your web browser. You can probably do this with something like an Open File or Open Page menu selection. The page's address in the location field near the top of your browser will start with file:// rather than the usual http://. Test whether the buttons work.

At some later time when you aren't online and want to use the page, you should be able to just double-click the saved file. That should launch your web browser but not try to go online. You should be able to use the computer, calculate, and print the first page without being connected to the Internet. You may have to tell your browser to work off-line.


I developed this and made it look good on Mac OS X with OmniWeb. It works with Internet Explorer 5.1 on Mac OS X, but the image for how many inches were added doesn't print. I tested it with Internet Explorer 4.0 on an iMac totally disconnected from the net and running Mac OS 9.1. From NetScape Navigator 4.0 on that iMac, it worked, but didn't print the filled in form values. Browsers running on newer versions of Microsoft Windows or Linux should work if they have JavaScript, but I haven't tested those. Note that what you see on the screen may not be exactly what is printed.

The code was developed to perform the correct calculations. I also checked many different values. However, if you put in zero, negative values, or letters, the program does little error checking. You might see 'NaN' which means 'Not a Number'. The field sizes hold reasonably stitchable values. Big ones may not fit. Use reasonable values.

Please let me know if you have comments or suggestions.

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