Lancaster County Apple Corps

Due to the weather and or a school closing there will be no meeting on


Newsletter that contains news, software reviews, features, announcements, and more. It is emailed to members once a month.
Share experiences with local members face-to-face.
Technical Support
Ask other members for ideas on solving your problems or learn where to get local support.
Special offers from vendors.
Access to the User Group Store
Newsletter contains current User Group Store password.

Next Meetings

  • April 17th at 7:15pm
  • May 15th at 7:15pm (last meeting)

Meeting Arrangements

  • If school is canceled, there is no meeting!
  • If the weather is iffy, the webmaster will post a note on the web site by 5pm the day of the meeting.
  • We meet in a classroom on the east/right/away from Lancaster side of the building. Park and enter the building on that side.