Computer Science 362

last updated May 7, 2011

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This page is a course resource for Beth Katz's CS 362 course in Spring 2011. Classes are Monday and Friday 8 am to 8:50 am and Thursday 8 am to 9:45 am. We will meet a few times in the Linux Lab for structured hands-on activities. I am very available by email when I'm not involved with scouting activities.


Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis with C++, third edition, Mark Allen Weiss, ISBN: 0-321-44146-X.

Major Resources

Assignments (in reverse order of due date)

C++, Connecting, and Pair Programming

We will be using C++ and whatever editor you wish (emacs or vi encouraged to hone your skills). There will be a continuous series of assignments to be completed outside class time. If you want to work from home, learn how to connect to the lab machines over secure connections. Your code must be submitted and work with the g++ compiler and libraries we are using in the Linux lab.

Cay Horstmann's appendix on Moving from Java to C++.

For most assignments, you will be allowed to work in pairs of your own choosing using pair programming.

Course-related Links

Using the Linux Lab

Need reminders on how to use the Linux Lab? Want to learn some new Unix commands? Need help building a Makefile? Want to learn more about writing bash shell scripts? Try these.

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