Computer Science 330 - Spring 2017

last updated April 27, 2017

This page is a course resource for Beth Katz's Spring 2017 section of CS 330 which meets 8 - 9:50 am Tuesdays and Thursdays in Roddy 147.



Concepts of Programming Languages, 11th edition, by Robert W. Sebesta, ISBN 9780133943023. (The 10th edition is also okay as is the 9th edition: Concepts of Programming Languages, 10th edition, by Robert W. Sebesta, ISBN 9780131395312.)

We have been using this text for a while. Ask around to see if you can buy it off someone or borrow it. Also note that you can buy it used, rent it from various places, or use an eTextbook version or rent that.

Reading the textbook gives you additional perspective and details on the topics we're covering in class. If you decide to not read the book, it is possible to pass the course. You may do well in the course. But you aren't taking full advantage of the educational opportunity you're paying for and we're trying to provide. You're hearing only part of the story. The concepts will make more sense and fit together better if you use the book as an additional resource. See my learning page for more discussion.

Other Topics

Getting Started with Our Linux Lab, Java, and C++

We will be using both C++ and Java in this course. You are not expected to know C++ coming into the course, but you will pick up enough to do fine. Learning your second (or fifth) programming language is nowhere near as hard as learning your first.

Thinking about Software Design

Java and C++ Side-by-side Example

Long ago, as an aid for our exploration of inheritance, we created a Timer class and a NamedTimer class that inherits from it. The examples are done in both C++ and Java and can be studied side-by-side.

These pages have links to the code: Java class hierarchy and C++ classes

Older versions of this course

Pages for older versions may have broken links: Spring 2016 and Spring 2014 and Fall 2013 and Fall 2004

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