Beth Katz's CS 162 - Spring 2018

last updated April 21, 2018

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Start of course Info: Text and Its Examples; Course uses Java and Eclipse

Data Structures and Other Objects Using Java (fourth edition) by Michael Main. ISBN 9780132576246

Check out my learning page for more discussion on textbooks and asking questions.

Even if you breezed through CS 161, CS 162 will be more challenging. Plan to spend more time on it.

You need to plan to spend time outside of class for this course. We will go into the lab for structured activities, demos, and lecture. We will not go into the lab to give you time to do your homework.

Note that I expect you to use functions extensively and have good coding style. I don't expect piles of comments, but I want each and every function to have a useful description of its purpose. Simple // comments are fine unless you are told otherwise. Programs at this level are read as much as they are executed. You need to be able to read and understand the code you write. Create it that way rather than making it readable as an afterthought.

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